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    About Us

    About Us

    Jiangsu MINYANG Technology locates in Zhang Jiagang Industrial Park, which is in Yangtze River Delta economic circle in Jiang Su Province of China. Zhang Jiagang is the famous international garden city----a new industrial energy park. It near HuNingSuXiChang which are the economic hinterlands. With the superior transport advantage of sealand and air. It makes MINYANG own the infinite power on development.

    Jiangsu MINYANG was founded in 2004, which is the first professional enterprise engaged in researchingproducing and selling the green pro-environment APET sheet at east area of China.

    Jiangsu MINYANG focus on the innovation of science and technology, especially in equipment. So it imported 8 advanced APET production line with the distinguished automatic extrusion technology. And the annual output capacity is 20000 tons. Now MINYANG watches globally. MINYANG established the strong team by expert engineers with experienced nano technology and built the physicochemical laboratory, for making the product with higher quality and value. MINYANG approved SGS authorized from Swiss SGS Company, and has achieved ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification, QS food package certification, a number of scientific and technological achievements have been applied for the national patent. MINYANG also has got the certification of quality and credit issued by the China Light Product Quality Assurance Center and the certification of Top Ten best-known brand issued by Brand Management of China, the certification of famous trademark of Jiang Su Province, the certification of Jiang Su private technology enterprise, the certification of hi-tech enterprise of Jiang Su. In recent years, Jiang Su MINYANG did some cooperation with Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Su Zhou University, Su Zhou nano technology and nano bionics research institute of Chinese Academy of sciences and other research institutions, the strong supporters of MINYANG’s technology innovation. Ten years’ diligently strive makes MINYANG continue to grow and develop, and has become a outstanding brand in China sheet industry.


    Company Products

    The products have a verity of high grade of transparency, multicolour, antistatic, semiconductive, electric conduction, anti-UV, uvioresistant, dull polish, membranaetectoria, mirror surface and other series of environmentally APET sheet. The products are 0.2~1.8mm thickness, 100~1220mm width. It attracts an increasing number of clients due to its high qualtiy. Products can be applicable to a wide range of areas: various types of cosmetics and food, electrical appliances, electronic toys which are used of blister packaging products, printing, folding boxes. QS food grade sheets are mainly applied to the package of fruit, vegetables, cakes and many other kinds of food. And it fully meet the health requirements which are needed by food packaging, with no harmful personal additives.

    In order to meet the needs of our customers, the company invested a large number of fund to research and develop series of " Nano enhanced plate", nano enhanced high grade of transparency plate, antistatic plate, anti-UV plate, antibiosis plate, heat insulation plate, wear plate, multicolour plate and many other kind of products. The products are 2~5mm thickness, 100~1220mm width, they are the new environmental durable materials with wear-resisting, acid-resisting, alkali-resisting, strength shock resistance, sound and heat insulation and some other features. They can be extensively used on the ceiling of construction, the transparent shield outdoor, urban landscape, instrumetation, beautify the landscape wall space, dalle and so on. The products are recognized to be the new and high technology environmental material on global, it specially obtain the favor of most environmental protection institutions, the foresight enterprise and people.


    After-sales Service

    The company is equipped with first-rate and thorough sales management and after-sales service system. It helps to create the best race condition for the development of most clients, we do sincerely hope to build a long-term, stable and sincere cooperation relationship with our friends in all walks of life. Let's progress with each other in the environmental protection enterprise and try our best to create a beautiful future. 

    Jiangsu Minyang Synthetic Resin Technology Co.,Ltd.
    No.28, Huangqiao Road, Tangqiao Town, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China.
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