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    Smooth Sheet
    Smooth Sheet

    Product has two styles :internal coating and fabric smearing. The type of internal coating achieved the effectiveness through adding reagents to make up the index of surface as big enough, the type of fabric smearing added the active dosage to make the surface smooth.
    In order to reduce the harm of bright surface, the product decrease the friction coefficient between the sheet or with other object.
    Great effect of release model, separation, and a very uniform surface, not greasy, no other adverse effects

    ① Internal smooth piece is used for the flat piece or outside cover which is thinner and strict demand of surface
    In particular, internal smooth piece fits the requirement of the surface sheet printing
    For the separation of thin film type of product
    Use for the high demanding for the surface of sheet, like a pallet but not easily scratched
    Use for the series of products which can not be sprayed release agent and requirement of the surface sheet printing which has greater adhesion

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